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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Salam fellow friends,
A few weeks back, I found a picture that took me back to 6 years ago. It was a picture of my hand bouquet for my wedding! ahakss.. back during those days Cascade bridal bouquet was the trend.. My 2 aunties: Chu Yah & Mak Ngah (who came down all the way from the down under) did the hand bouquet for me. Flowers used was various types of orchids including the Tiger Orchid & mixing them with Baby's Breath. As you can see, the picture didn't turn out very well though. (Back then, digital camera was just at the beginning of it's era). But everyone just loved the bouquet, some even said that the guests would probably notice the flowers more than me! LOL!'s sooo not sweet for the bride, right?... ;)

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