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Friday, September 24, 2010


Salam readers,
I hope it was not too late to wish you..

'Selamat Hari Raya'..
Taqaballahu Minna wa Minkum!
(May ALLAH accept our prayers & good deeds in the last Ramadhan)

Maaf Zahir & Batin

Friday, June 4, 2010

Welcome Baby Party - Aliyah & Nalis in Orange & Pink

We had a surprised 'Welcome Baby Party' for a friend. It is some sort of a tradition with me & friends where we will get together for a pot luck session after one of us has given birth. It all started out last year with Aizan (you may click here for the post), where we were planning to visit her & her new born baby. As we do not want to trouble her so much, so we surprised her with a pot luck session at her home!

Below photos are from last week's, it was Aliyah's turn. She gave birth to a baby girl, Raihana almost 4 months ago and (the plan was) we've asked her & hubby to drop by at a friend's place before going off to a wedding together - without her knowing that all of us were waiting there to surprise her with a for a get together with a brunch session!

Photos Above: The mini posters for the party.
Mini posters (in 8R photo size) as per sample above are available for sale. (Names & photos on the poster can be customized)

Photo Above: The newly abi & ummi

Photo Above: The foods!

All deco & fresh flowers are by |Button-Up!|Weddings.
Lanterns & pom-poms are available for rent.
(We also have all of these featured DIY items in package!)
Kindly contact us for details.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gubahan Hantaran - Fresh Flowers for Nor

Vibrant ey!?
Can u spot the new tray?
Will upload more photos soon.
Come back often!


Salam fellow friends,
A few weeks back, I found a picture that took me back to 6 years ago. It was a picture of my hand bouquet for my wedding! ahakss.. back during those days Cascade bridal bouquet was the trend.. My 2 aunties: Chu Yah & Mak Ngah (who came down all the way from the down under) did the hand bouquet for me. Flowers used was various types of orchids including the Tiger Orchid & mixing them with Baby's Breath. As you can see, the picture didn't turn out very well though. (Back then, digital camera was just at the beginning of it's era). But everyone just loved the bouquet, some even said that the guests would probably notice the flowers more than me! LOL!'s sooo not sweet for the bride, right?... ;)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hand Bouquet for Nor

Salam readers,
Here's some shots by HUSNI PHOTOKICK on my buddy's wedding - Nor. All flowers for her Akad Nikah Ceremory (Hantaran & Hand Bouquet) in Bangi and her hand bouquet for the reception in Putrajaya were made by BUW. RED was the theme.

Above: Girlfriends & syiok dapat flower photo session
Fresh Flowers for Hand Bouquet (Akad Nikah) - Combination of Red, Purple and Silver.

Above: Jump! Celebration on Chelsea's winning on that day!
Fresh Flowers for Hand Bouquet - Combination of Red, Purple and Silver.

Above: Fresh Flowers for Hand Bouquet (Reception in Putrajaya) - Combination of Red and Silver.

Photos courtesy of:
Call: 012 - 6964432 (Husni of PhotoKick)

Will post more photos from this wedding soon!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hand Bouquet for Neeza

Salam readers,
Below is the photo of Neeza with her hand bouquet that comes together with her hantaran all made by BUW for her engagement day. Kindly email us for any inquiries on hand bouquets ;)

Above: Fresh white roses hand bouquet.
Photo courtesy of

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gubahan Hantaran - Neeza Gombak

Salam to all,

For those who wishes to make their hantaran's deco as a keepsake, artificial flowers are the ever popular choices among all. May this entry inspires you!

"Flowers are without hope.
Because hope is tomorrow and flowers have no tomorrow"
Antonio Porchia, Voces, 1943.

Above: This is to accompany the lavishly delicious Pulut Kuning & Rendang.

Above: For the sweet scented Bunga Rampai

Above: The Holy Al-Quran & Sejadah.

Above: Devilicious chocolates!
[*Thanks to pengantin for this photo]

All of the above hantaran were decorated using artificial flowers.

Above: Sirih Junjung. Fresh flowers in hot jerry pink & white were used for this arrangement.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Inspiration Board: DIY - Shabby Chic Centerpiece

DIY tips:
  • 1/2 dozen or 1/2 bundle of 2/3 bloomed or full bloomed roses (bunga kudup tak cantik mcm bunga kembang, kalau kudup sgt biarkan 1 hari dlm baldi utk dia kembang)
  • 3 stalks of tea leaves
  • a tall picther / jug
How to:
  • Cut the length of the tea leaves stalk according to your preferred length for the centerpiece.
  • Arrange the tea leaves in the center of the pitcher / jug
  • Cut the length of the roses 3 inchs more than the tea leaves
  • Insert the roses keliling pitcher / jug
Taadaaa! Your lovely centerpiece is ready to be placed anywhere in your home!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gubahan Hantaran - Fresh Flowers for Fiza

These are the only snapshots that I managed to take after completing the flower arrangements. I also did the whole hantaran arrangement (decorated the barang hantaran for each tray) but unfortunately, after I completed everything, was so tired to even take the photos and I went straight to sleep! hahaha..I will try not to repeat that again..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Centerpiece by BUW


These are the latest flowers arrangement by BUW done for a BBQ Party.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

9pcs Black Wooden Tray Set for Rent (Bekas Hantaran)

Salam Folks,

This is the latest collection of dulang hantaran by BUW (Button-Up! Weddings). I like this version of black dulang because the craftsmanship is better - the based is thicker and the colour is shinier. It is probably a bit smaller in height to compare with the white tray.

9pcs Black Wooden Tray Set consist of:

>3 units of L size

>6 units of M size

Approximate Size for Medium: 3"(H) x 8" (L) x 11" (W)

Approximate Size for Large: 3.5" (H) x 11" (L) x 12.5" (W)

    Rental Price: RM120.00 for rental/set (9pcs)!

    Email to book now!

    Monday, February 1, 2010

    Newborn + Mommy Gift Hamper Set with FRESH FLOWERS

    Salam readers,

    Good news! Now, we are also providing gift hamper with flower bouquet set! This is extremely great for those who has no time to shop for gift but at the same time, you want a personalize gifts for your friends or loved ones..

    So, what we have done for you is, we have identified a few good things to be placed together in the gift basket with fresh flowers to be given to your friends / family! The items are not only meant for the baby, we added items for the mommy as well! The list of the gift set are as per below :D.

    Photos Above: Some sample photos of the Gift Set

    1. Confinement Gift Set (For C-Sec Mommies): RM115.00 ONLY!!

    • Flower Bouquet (You may choose the colour; colour is subjected to availability)

    • 1 set of Ikan Haruan Essence / Pati Ikan Haruan (For mommy)

    • Traditional Body Scrub / Scrub Badan Tradisional (For Mommy)

    • Herbal Medicated Ointment / Minyak Kembung Perut (For Baby)

    • Strawberry Scented Vapo Balm / Minyak sapuan Vapo Wangian Strawberi (For Baby)
    2. Confinement Gift Set (For Norm Mommies): RM110.00 only!!

    • Flower Bouquet

    • 1 set of Prune Essence / Pati Prune (For mommy)

    • Traditional Body Scrub / Scrub Badan Tradisional (For Mommy)

    • Herbal Medicated Ointment / Minyak Kembung Perut (For Baby)

    • Strawberry Scented Vapo Balm / Minyak sapuan Vapo Wangian Strawberi (For Baby)
    Anyone would be touched by looking at those flowers (and not to mention the gifts as well)!!!

    Only pick-up services are available at these areas:
    : Segambut / Jalan Kuching
    : Bandar Baru Sentul
    : Jalan Duta / Hartamas / Dutamas / Solaris

    P/s: You can also order an empty gift basket with fresh flowers arrangement, so that you can place your own gifts in the basket!!! ONLY for RM80.00 !! (Price is for the above basket with 1 side of fresh flowers arrangement)

    *You can opt. this type of arrangement for a simple hantaran deco too =)

    Saturday, January 30, 2010

    Inspiration Board in Navy Blue

    Salam readers,

    Above: Photos taken from various sites that has inspired me!

    It is very rare for our culture to have this colour theme for any weddings or events, however I did the hantaran for my (click here >) nephew in this colour by keeping the design simple & pairing the colour with white. If you keep this in mind, this dark colour which symbolizes loyalty and faith will not be seen as dull as you thought it would be ;) Have a nice..long weekend.

    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Mohsein & Lela: The Reception Part II

    The Flowers!

    Photo Above: Table Centerpiece for the bride's family.
    We used mokara orchids, and yellow roses for the flower poms.
    Ivy leaves.

    Photo Above: Table centerpieces for the rest of 26 guest tables.
    Using mokara orchids in 3 different colours - red:orange:yellow

    DIY itenary card was placed in the center of each centerpieces.

    Photos Above: Bridal Bouquet. Pink roses and cymbidiums. These are the best picture that I can get. The photogs did not capture any close up on the bouquets.. (sob..sob..)

    Interested to order the featured flowers?
    Email for details!

    Mohsein & Lela: The Reception Part I

    And here it is..... tada!!

    Photo Above: Meja Pengantin for Makan Beradap

    Photo Above: View from the left side of the stage. We switched the caterer's covered chair with white chiavari chairs and 2 crystal chiavari chairs for the pengantin.
    (Unfortunately, the photogs did not snap the crystal chair's photo.. so i just post the pic taken from the internet as per below..)

    Nice eh?? Isn't it lovely.. isnt's it wonderfulllll (sing-a-long-like-stevie's!!)

    Photo Above: Side view from the right of the stage.

    The caterer ni always include their packages with wedding cakes. My earlier plan to order a fondant cake cancel lah kan, because we were getting this cake for free. So, to make the cakes look nice(r), my uncle planned for something else and so we requested the caterer to cover the cakes with white creams and that's it! Masa caterer nak hand over cakes tu, byk kali cakap yang they did not put any deco on the cake - mcm risau semacam.. hehe then of course we said don't worry, mmg request mcm tuh...
    Jeng.. jeng.. jeng.. ye lah, tak kan nak biarkan wedding cake tu gonjeng je kan? So, we placed lah some fresh cymbidiums on top of each cakes for the deco! This is soooo cost effective but yet the cakes turn out looking gorgeouslicious!
    (Not to mention, the cake is absolutely yummy as well (u don't eat the bunga lah..) Seriously! This is really nice! )

    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    What Do You Think?


    Mohsein & Lela: The Making (Reception)

    Seperti yang ditunggu-tunggu!
    Here is the entry for the making of my brother's reception. Thank you so much to my Uncle Nazeri and the rest of the family - Mama, Baba, Chu Yah, Uncle Zain, Eba, Uni, Mak Sue, Nadya, Hubby Syawal, and Sakinah for making every details to happen. The reception was held in Pusat Komuniti Sentul Perdana and the hall was so huge until we don't even know how to fill the room with what..(as usual, we had limited budget and not to mention; time..) and so here you are the photos right from the start.

    Photo Above: Penyediaan lanterns sebelum menggantung.
    (I was not in the hall while all this took place - I kat umah jd florist okay, bikin centerpieces for 20 tables!!! Semuanya 30 centerpieces nak kena buat (Tak termasuk meja makan pengantin. Lg 10 tu my uncle sempat buat before he went to the hall, sib baik.. Itu pun tdo I kul 4 pagi wehhh.. Gambar bunga-bungaan kena tggu entry 'Reception'.. Kindly be patience ;))

    Photos Above: Planning and then the 'hanging' work starts. Can you see how huge is the hall? Our desired hall would be to cover the walls with fabrics..hehe. Can you image how nice would it be??? mmm.. tak pe lah next time. Insya-Allah!

    Photo Above: Finishing touches. We used pompoms for the backdrops.Will post the up close photos soon.
    On the left are the modern bunga manggars (can you see the 2 batang like payung there?)

    Lanterns used (as above) are available FOR RENT and available colours are in orange & green. Kindly email for enquiries. Rental price of lanterns will be based on the quantity. Please let us know the number of lanterns you required.

    You can also view this event in here, via our caterer's blog.
    (look for the title Funtion @ Sentul Perdana)

    Mohsein & Lela: Hantaran Part III |The Close-Ups|

    1.Tas Tangan (Clutch) & Kasut

    2. Telekung

    3. Jam

    4. Buah-Buahan

    5. Minyak Wangi & Set Make-Up

    6. Kek Fondant (Thank you to my mama's friend - Pn. Hasmirah)

    7. Baju Kurung & Hijab

    8. DIY Original Bunga Rampai (Tak main la *potpuri-tengit-zaman-sekarang..hikkss)
    |*Perasan tak? Yg sekarang2 punya mmg tak wangi... baik lagi guna daun pandan - budget effective, original & natural.. agree?|

    Flowers we used: Jerry Pink Rose, Eustoma, Dendrobium Orchid, silver leaf and the ever lovely Cymbidium

    Love Them? For enquiries, kindly email to