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Friday, June 4, 2010

Welcome Baby Party - Aliyah & Nalis in Orange & Pink

We had a surprised 'Welcome Baby Party' for a friend. It is some sort of a tradition with me & friends where we will get together for a pot luck session after one of us has given birth. It all started out last year with Aizan (you may click here for the post), where we were planning to visit her & her new born baby. As we do not want to trouble her so much, so we surprised her with a pot luck session at her home!

Below photos are from last week's, it was Aliyah's turn. She gave birth to a baby girl, Raihana almost 4 months ago and (the plan was) we've asked her & hubby to drop by at a friend's place before going off to a wedding together - without her knowing that all of us were waiting there to surprise her with a for a get together with a brunch session!

Photos Above: The mini posters for the party.
Mini posters (in 8R photo size) as per sample above are available for sale. (Names & photos on the poster can be customized)

Photo Above: The newly abi & ummi

Photo Above: The foods!

All deco & fresh flowers are by |Button-Up!|Weddings.
Lanterns & pom-poms are available for rent.
(We also have all of these featured DIY items in package!)
Kindly contact us for details.


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