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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wedding Photos - Taken by my BROTHER!

Salam to everyone!

As informed via my Twitter; I am featuring some of the wedding photos taken by my very own brother. He's an amateur photographer and yet I can say that he has developed preeetty much skills on this thing that he loves lately and hence, I would like to congratulate him on his achievement! (He will probably be thinking that I am saying too much about him, if he's reading this now! hehe) But hey, I am your forever supporter (& criticizer!) and will ever support you in anyway I can =D. I must say that he gets his talent from our father (he's a retired photographer by profession). Now, my brother is taking over his camera & to you, Husni (or Uni or Thoni!) I am wishing you all the best and if you have decided to do this seriously - Keep it up! May ALLAH give you guidance and bless your (& our's + the reader's) journey here & akhirat. Amin. Lots of Love: Kak Nurul.

The above photos are taken for Sha's Wedding in Segambut.
Kompang team is from Taman Sri Segambut and the team is available for events & weddings. Email us for details!

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