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Monday, November 2, 2009

9 pcs GOLD Tray Package for Rent (Bekas Hantaran)

Salam all,

Below are the new arrivals from Button-Up! Weddings, the all new GOLD Collection of dulang hantaran. Email us for more details!

Approximate Size for Small:

  • 6cm (H) x 17.5cm (L) x 25cm (W)

  • Approximate Size for Medium:
  • 6cm (H) x 20cm (L) x 29cm (W)

  • Approximate Size for Large:
  • 6cm(H) x 23cm (L) x 32cm (W)

  • Available in total of 9pcs consist of:
  • 3 units for S size

  • 3 units for M size

  • 3 units for L size

  • Rental Package for 9 gold trays: RM70.00 only!

    Email to to book now!