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Thursday, November 5, 2009

6pcs Fuchsia! Mengkuang Boxes Package for Rent (Bekas Hantaran)

Salam folks,

I just had to buy these Fuchsia mengkuang container.. I just had to because it's sooOoo vibrant and *sigh* I just cannot resist them colour staring and glaring at me when I was in the craft shop. If you like them too, I am renting it out for those who wishes to have these as their container for their hantaran =D.. (as long as you take care of it CAREFULLY hiks..)

The sizes for these containers are quite small. The smallest box in this package (if you can see from the photo above - it's on top of the square box) is suitable to be your ring box. Email us for more details!

Note: Because the container's material is not that tough and it's quite thin, it is advisable not to use any type of glue to stick the decorations onto the container. You may use strings to tie them ;)