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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mohsein & Lela: The Making (Reception)

Seperti yang ditunggu-tunggu!
Here is the entry for the making of my brother's reception. Thank you so much to my Uncle Nazeri and the rest of the family - Mama, Baba, Chu Yah, Uncle Zain, Eba, Uni, Mak Sue, Nadya, Hubby Syawal, and Sakinah for making every details to happen. The reception was held in Pusat Komuniti Sentul Perdana and the hall was so huge until we don't even know how to fill the room with what..(as usual, we had limited budget and not to mention; time..) and so here you are the photos right from the start.

Photo Above: Penyediaan lanterns sebelum menggantung.
(I was not in the hall while all this took place - I kat umah jd florist okay, bikin centerpieces for 20 tables!!! Semuanya 30 centerpieces nak kena buat (Tak termasuk meja makan pengantin. Lg 10 tu my uncle sempat buat before he went to the hall, sib baik.. Itu pun tdo I kul 4 pagi wehhh.. Gambar bunga-bungaan kena tggu entry 'Reception'.. Kindly be patience ;))

Photos Above: Planning and then the 'hanging' work starts. Can you see how huge is the hall? Our desired hall would be to cover the walls with fabrics..hehe. Can you image how nice would it be??? mmm.. tak pe lah next time. Insya-Allah!

Photo Above: Finishing touches. We used pompoms for the backdrops.Will post the up close photos soon.
On the left are the modern bunga manggars (can you see the 2 batang like payung there?)

Lanterns used (as above) are available FOR RENT and available colours are in orange & green. Kindly email for enquiries. Rental price of lanterns will be based on the quantity. Please let us know the number of lanterns you required.

You can also view this event in here, via our caterer's blog.
(look for the title Funtion @ Sentul Perdana)

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  1. great job team! an improvement to the arrangement of the lanterns would be to hang them in staggered heights with each at slightly different height from its neighbors. this will create the impression that the lanterns take to the ceiling themselves naturally. macam pokok2 dalam taman lah.