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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mohsein & Lela: Hantaran Part III |The Close-Ups|

1.Tas Tangan (Clutch) & Kasut

2. Telekung

3. Jam

4. Buah-Buahan

5. Minyak Wangi & Set Make-Up

6. Kek Fondant (Thank you to my mama's friend - Pn. Hasmirah)

7. Baju Kurung & Hijab

8. DIY Original Bunga Rampai (Tak main la *potpuri-tengit-zaman-sekarang..hikkss)
|*Perasan tak? Yg sekarang2 punya mmg tak wangi... baik lagi guna daun pandan - budget effective, original & natural.. agree?|

Flowers we used: Jerry Pink Rose, Eustoma, Dendrobium Orchid, silver leaf and the ever lovely Cymbidium

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  1. don't forget to mention the silver leaf to up the ante! ;-)

  2. so sweet..i have a dream to make a fairytale wedding too.i like a combination of white, pink and purple colour..i like ur decoration for the hantaran..suitable for my wed can u quote me the prize for hantaran fresh flower? how much per dulang? hope to get ur reply the soonest possible..tq..

    p/s: my email is

  3. Hi(,

    I've replied your email :)