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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mohsein & Lela: The Reception Part I

And here it is..... tada!!

Photo Above: Meja Pengantin for Makan Beradap

Photo Above: View from the left side of the stage. We switched the caterer's covered chair with white chiavari chairs and 2 crystal chiavari chairs for the pengantin.
(Unfortunately, the photogs did not snap the crystal chair's photo.. so i just post the pic taken from the internet as per below..)

Nice eh?? Isn't it lovely.. isnt's it wonderfulllll (sing-a-long-like-stevie's!!)

Photo Above: Side view from the right of the stage.

The caterer ni always include their packages with wedding cakes. My earlier plan to order a fondant cake cancel lah kan, because we were getting this cake for free. So, to make the cakes look nice(r), my uncle planned for something else and so we requested the caterer to cover the cakes with white creams and that's it! Masa caterer nak hand over cakes tu, byk kali cakap yang they did not put any deco on the cake - mcm risau semacam.. hehe then of course we said don't worry, mmg request mcm tuh...
Jeng.. jeng.. jeng.. ye lah, tak kan nak biarkan wedding cake tu gonjeng je kan? So, we placed lah some fresh cymbidiums on top of each cakes for the deco! This is soooo cost effective but yet the cakes turn out looking gorgeouslicious!
(Not to mention, the cake is absolutely yummy as well (u don't eat the bunga lah..) Seriously! This is really nice! )

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